(December 26, 2018)-  On December 26, 2018 around 10:08 AM, Cape Coral Police received a 9-1-1 call regarding a robbery with a firearm that had just occurred at 525 SW 15th Ter. Information was given about the suspect vehicle that was fleeing the area.

The victim had setup a purchase of a vape handle over Snapchat that he had met through a third party. They agreed to meet on today's date to conduct the transaction for $120 at the victim’s address. At about 9:50 AM, a minivan pulled up in front of the victim’s home. The victim got into the front passenger seat and the driver pulled a black handgun from the driver side door pocket, pointed it at the victim and told him to give him the money and anything else he had. The rear passenger behind the driver pulled a silver handgun and pointed it at the victim. The victim immediately gave them his money, wallet, and his phone.  The victim then jumped out of the van and ran inside his home and a phone call was made to 9-1-1.

Sergeant D. Gleason from the Patrol Bureau was driving and looking for the suspect vehicle when he saw a silver Chrysler Town and Country Van pulled over into the median at SW 8th Terrace on Skyline Blvd. There was a white male occupant searching for something in the grass. Sergeant Gleason turned around and began to head back to the vehicle stopped in the median.  As he arrived, the silver Town and Country Van was pulling out of the median driving back Northbound. With other officers present, a traffic stop was made on the van which pulled over at 700 block NW Pine Island Road.

Three juvenile white male occupants were removed and detained from the vehicle.  An Officer met with the victim who stated that juveniles had just robbed him at gunpoint. The three males in the vehicle were identified as Tristan Held (the driver of the vehicle, W/M, DOB:  07/10/2002, of 3061 Sunset Pointe Cir), Aiden Held (front seat passenger, W/M, DOB:  06/11/2004, of 3061 Sunset Pointe Cir), and Ernesto Hernandez (rear seat passenger, W/M, DOB:  07/06/2002 of 1210 SE 14th Ter). During a search incident to arrest, another Officer located two handguns under the front passenger seat and cash on the driver seat.

The Cape Coral Police Department Major Crimes Unit and Forensics responded. Detectives M. Lebid and T. Coons continued the investigation finding that Tristan Held and Ernesto Hernandez were the ones that pointed the handguns at the victim. The investigation concluded that the three juveniles committed armed robbery with a firearm and grand theft.

All three males were charged with Robbery with a Firearm and Grand Theft. The total amount of cash and property belonging to the victim was valued as $1,000.   The males were later transferred to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC).


ARRESTED: Ernesto Hernandez, W/M, DOB: 07/06/2002, 1210 SE 14th Ter

CHARGES: Robbery with a Firearm and Grand Theft

Tristan Held.jpg

ARRESTED: Tristan Held, W/M, DOB: 07/10/2002, 3061 Sunset Pointe Cir

CHARGES: Robbery with a Firearm and Grand Theft

Aiden C. Held.jpg

ARRESTED: Aiden C. Held, W/M, DOB: 06/11/2004, 3061 Sunset Pointe Cir

CHARGES: Robbery with a Firearm and Grand Theft


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