(February 22, 2018) - A Cape Coral girl who was abducted from Oasis Elementary School yesterday by her step-father has been located safe and sound.

At around 2:00 AM, 8-year-old Juliet Odierna was located by law enforcement in Alabama.  She was in the company of Theodore and Jennifer Moschovas at the time she was found.

Both Theodore and Jennifer Moschovas are in custody at this time.  Juliet Odierna is being placed temporarily in foster care until her father arrives to retrieve her.

In a message to the Investigative Services Bureau, Captain Sizemore wrote:

"I simply cannot overstate how extremely proud of I am of all of you. The work you displayed yesterday into the overnight was awesome. 
I had the privilege of observing you all in action and I continue to be impressed. If the stakes weren’t so high, and real lives weren’t at stake...you would be far more entertaining to watch than any “tv cop show”. But it is real life, and real victims being saved. Your composure, professionalism, teamwork and consistent results are something to behold. 

Take a moment to think about what you’ve accomplished. An 8-year-old child was abducted from a school and driven through three states and you were responsible for her safe rescue in roughly 12 hours. 
Thank you for ALL that you do. I’m humbled and honored to work alongside all of you."

"The Cape Coral Police Department would like to thank the multitude of law enforcement agencies across the southeastern United States that assisted in this case, but especially our partners at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who had boots on the ground with us from the very beginning.  We would also like to take the time to recognize and thank the citizens for their amazing response.  Tips began flooding in within minutes of the AMBER Alert and our news release being issued.  Juliet's story was shared on social media thousands of times, keeping her face, and those of her abductors, in the spotlight.' -Lieutenant Dana Coston, Cape Coral Police Department Public Affairs Officer.

A more detailed news release will come later today with additional details and complete charges for the Moschovas'.

Link to the original news release: Cape Coral Police Issue AMBER Alert


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