(March 21, 2018) - Our monthly "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for March 2018 will be held today, Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers. This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing." The guest speaker will be Melanie Musick, Area Director for Best Buddies of Southwest Florida.

Eight (8) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


Brianna Perez                                              Hector Cafferata Elementary School - 3rd Grade

Recently, while at recess, Brianna noticed another girl off by herself. Brianna was concerned that the girl was alone. She went over to talk to the student and the two ended up playing together. 

Jake Garcia                                                  Hector Cafferata Elementary School – 2nd Grade

A student in Jake’s class had their arm in a sling and needed help with their backpack. For three weeks, Jake carried the backpack to the bus, held the door open for them and assisted in any way he could. 

Arianna Pillarella                                           Diplomat Middle School - 6th Grade

Arianna informed school administration that her friend was thinking about hurting herself. The counseling team was able to talk to the student and get her the help she needed. If not for Arianna’s quick thinking and caring nature, the administration would have never known the true extent of the issues this student was struggling with.  

Isabella Bivens                                                Oasis Middle School - 8th Grade

Bella noticed that a young lady was not eating lunch one day and asked her why. The young lady told her that she didn’t have any money to buy food.  Without the little girl noticing, Bella took out $20.00 from her wallet and asked the cafeteria manager to deposit the money into the other girl’s account.  The girl was absolutely speechless and so appreciative of the gesture that they both began crying.

Tayland Whitehead                                          Ida Baker High School – 10th Grade

Tayland found a very expensive pair of Apple Airpod headphones in the hallway of the school.  Tayland immediately took them to his school counselor so that they would be returned to their owner.

Kaitlyn Ens                                                        Challenger Middle School - 6th Grade

Kaitlyn found $100.00 and two gift cards that someone left in the cafeteria. She immediately turned them in to the front office. 

Arielis Insua                                                      Challenger Middle School - 8th Grade

Arielis noticed another student posting on his Snapchat account that he was going to harm himself. Out of all the students that viewed the photo and message, Arielis was the only student who notified her parents who then contacted the police. The police checked on the student and thankfully he was okay. His father was extremely grateful that Arielis was concerned enough to alert her parents and the police.

Matthew Morrison                                               Oasis Middle School - 7th Grade

Matthew is constantly helping staff members and is a positive influence among his peers. At one of the school dances, Matthew was the only student who volunteered to help clean up even though it meant staying after hours. He also facilitated during open house wherever assistance was needed. Matthew is an excellent example of a great kid. 


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