(May 15, 2018) - Our monthly "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for May 2018 will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers. This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing." The guest speaker will be Michael Chatman, CEO/President of the Cape Coral Community Foundation.

"Do The Right Thing" also thanks FOS Furniture for their $250 donation to the program.

Eight (8) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


Lucas Batts                                                     Pelican Elementary School - 3rd Grade

Lucas, after hearing about his teacher’s brother passing away from cancer, decided to do something special. Two days later, Lucas came to school with his head shaved in honor of his teacher’s brother.

Kayla Howard                                                   Patriot Elementary School – 5th Grade

Kayla volunteers in the Pre-Kindergarten Life Skills Classroom at Patriot Elementary. She interacts daily with each student and has learned to understand their unique needs. For example, she helps one little boy who is in a wheel chair with his morning routine. She also brings special toys to another little girl to play with while waiting at the bus ramp. The kids absolutely love her and are excited to see her every day.

Camilo Maldonado                                            Mariner Middle School - 8th Grade

Eighth grade student Camilo showed great courage by standing up to another student who was aggressively trying to sell him drugs at school. When Camilo refused to buy the drugs, the other student became upset and threatened to harm him. Despite the student’s threats, Camilo immediately told his teacher, school administration and the school’s resource officer about the situation. Following an extensive investigation, Camilo’s actions led to the arrest of two students who were dealing drugs to both middle and high school students.

Zhoucai Ni                                                            Cape Coral High School - 10th Grade

While traveling out of town on a field trip, Zhoucai found a wallet in the rental van. He immediately turned it in to a school official who was able to locate its owner. The owner of the wallet left a reward for Zhoucai. Instead of keeping the reward, Zhoucai decided to donate it.

Christopher Risola                                              Oasis Elementary School – 5th Grade

Christopher continuously volunteers to help his community in many ways. He brings food to the Veterans Museum to feed our Vets, assists with a local charity that helps children, and wants to start an anti-bullying campaign with his schoolmate.

Julian Saenz                                                        Caloosa Middle School - 6th Grade

When another student offered something to Julian that was inappropriate and possibly dangerous, Julian not only told him “no” but very quickly notified his teacher. School officials responded promptly to ensure student safety.

Anthony Spidle                                                   Oasis Middle School - 8th Grade

Anthony did not hesitate to act when he saw a fellow schoolmate injured and on the ground. He immediately went to get the school nurse. EMS was called and the young man was transported to the hospital.

Andrew Stevenson                                               Caloosa Middle School - 6th Grade

Starting at a new school during exams at the end of the year is especially difficult. Andrew went out of his way to make a new student, who had just started, feel at ease. He included the new student and made him feel a part of the school within minutes of arriving.


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