(August 21, 2018)-  For this Traffic Tuesday we will be focusing on turn signals. I know some of you may think they are optional in Florida based on not seeing their use as often as dictated by statute. Yes, Florida State Statute sets forth that a turn signal is required under certain circumstances. The purpose of a turn signal is to let other drivers on the road know your intentions of a turn or lane change so they can react appropriately. This means that it is the law, (FSS - 316.155), to use your turn signal or face the possibility of a non-criminal moving violation. 

So, when is a signal required? The basics of the law are a turn signal must be used when any other vehicle may be affected by your vehicle’s movement other than a direct course. When you are going to turn right, left, or change lanes a turn signal must be continuously used not less than 100 feet before you turn or change lanes. 

How do I estimate 100 feet? The length of a standard mid-size car is just over 16 feet so 100 feet would be about six car lengths. 

When you begin to brake or move into another lane before using your turn signal it’s too late! Other drivers are now having to react to your braking or movement which can cause them to take actions that put other drivers at risk. Be kind to fellow drivers and follow the law. Please use turn signals!


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