(August 23, 2018)-  An old prank is resurfacing that can cause you to call 9-1-1 unintentionally. 

You may get a meme, Tweet, text, etc. saying something along the lines of, "Turn your volume all the way down, say to Siri 108 while you close your eyes for five seconds". By saying a combination of three numbers "999", "108", "112", "114" your device will call emergency services. These combinations are used in other countries, like India and Europe, which are equivalent to dialing emergency services in the United States. Yes, that's 9-1-1 which can tie up emergency lines and possibly put someone that needs actual help in danger.  

When you say one of these number combinations the phone assistant will give the user a five second countdown to cancel or it will make the emergency call.

If you are sent a meme or asked to say something to a phone assistant it's a good practice to look it up online first to determine if it's something funny or something that could unintentionally cause potential harm. If you want some sassy comments from Siri, how about asking, "Does Siri stand for seriously?"


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