(January 23, 2019)-  DUI arrests by Cape Coral Police Department, January 9 - 20, 2019.

ARRESTED: Cheryl Rene Peters, W/F, DOB: 09/30/1962,

3621 Pelican Blvd

CHARGES: DUI with a BAC Over .15, Driving While License Suspended, and Resisting Arrest without Violence

A concerned citizen called into Cape Coral Police advising of a reckless driver that was possibly impaired. Officers located the vehicle which Peters was driving. Peters exhibited indicators of impairment so a DUI investigation ensued. Peters performed poorly on the field evaluations and was arrested. She resisted arrest and also had a suspended license. BREATH: 0.356 / 0.329 / 0.345.

ARRESTED: Richard Townley Morrison III, W/M, DOB: 05/01/1961,

30 NE 8th Ter

CHARGES: DUI with a BAC Over .15

A traffic stop was made on the vehicle Morrison III was driving due to him driving through a closed traffic crash. Morrison III exhibited indicators of impairment and a DUI investigation ensued. He performed poorly on the field evaluations and he was arrested. BREATH: 0.169 / 0.167.

ARRESTED: Jessica Lee Danielson-Walny, W/F, DOB: 11/15/1985,

3531 NE 12th Court


Danielson-Walny was observed in the Race Trac parking lot unresponsive, slumped over the steering wheel, and the vehicle left in reverse with her foot on the brake pedal.  The vehicle was placed into park and Danielson-Walny regained consciousness.  She appeared incoherent and exhibited signs of impairment.  A DUI investigation ensued and she performed poorly on the field evaluations. She was arrested for DUI.  BREATH: 0.000 / 0.000, a Drug Recognition Expert responded and completed a drug influence evaluation. The DRE determined that Danielson-Walny was under the influence of an illegal substance. 

ARRESTED: Kasi Lynne Borecki, W/F, DOB: 08/25/1981,

2258 Clifford Street – Apt. A, Ft. Myers


Cape Coral Police responded to a two-vehicle traffic crash investigation. Borecki exhibited signs of impairment and DUI investigation ensued. She performed poorly on the field evaluations and was placed under arrest for DUI.  BREATH: Refused.

ARRESTED: Eliober Gonzalez-Saborit, W/M, DOB: 02/04/1989,

1304 NE 9th Place

CHARGES: DUI and Prior Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test

During a traffic stop for speeding, Gonzalez-Saborit showed signs of impairment. A DUI investigation ensued and Gonzalez-Saborit could not perform the field evaluations. BREATH: Refused.

ARRESTED: Robert Joseph Walsh, W/M, DOB: 03/14/1955,

2613 Ceitus Pkwy

CHARGES: DUI and Attempt to Flee and Elude Law Enforcement

Officers responded to a hit & run crash involving Walsh as the at-fault driver.  Upon arrival, there was brief contact with Walsh, who again left the scene in his vehicle.  Officers attempted to stop Walsh, but he refused to pull over. Walsh was finally stopped in the middle of the roadway at Diplomat Pkwy on Burnt Store Road.  Contact was made again with Walsh and he was taken into custody.  Walsh exhibited signs of impairment and was arrested for DUI as well.  BREATH: Refused.

ARRESTED: Nicholas Ilias Sotiropoulos, W/M, DOB: 12/27/1984,

4051 North Road, N. Ft. Myers


Officers responded to a reckless driver call and after locating it conducted a traffic stop when the vehicle in question was all driving over the road almost hitting a curb. Contact was made with Sotiropoulos, who showed signs of impairment.  He performed poorly on field evaluations and was placed under arrest for DUI.  BREATH: Refused.

ARRESTED: Nicholas Alfonso, W/M, DOB: 06/12/1961,

2097 Cape Heather Circle

CHARGES: DUI with a BAC Over .15

Alfonso was stopped for failing to stay in his lane and nearly striking two vehicles in the lane next to him.  Upon contact, Alfonso exhibited signs of impairment.  BREATH: 0.177 / 0.166.


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