(March 13, 2019)- On March 12, 2019, Detective Kortright of the Major Crimes Unit was assigned a case of a Cape Coral Police Department employee receiving repeated harassing phone calls, voicemails and text messages from a known subject. The employee advised that on Sunday, March 10, 2019 he received over 30 phone calls and dozens of text messages throughout the evening from Ryan Robert Doyon (W/M, DOB: 12/18/1989, 1914 Cornwallis Pkwy). Doyon currently has a pending / upcoming homicide trial in which the employee assisted in the investigation.

Doyon sent the employee multiple messages demanding that he call him back “now”. In the messages, Doyon states, “You scared to answer the phone”.  Doyon continued texting the employee stating, “if you do not call me ASAP I am going to bring out my entire statement on live television with your real name for ruining my life…” In another message, Doyon text the employee stating that he could not hide”. 

The employee further advised that Doyon has called and text him multiple times before and each time the employee would block the numbers and delete the messages in hopes Doyon would stop. Unfortunately, Doyon instead would continue to call and text using a different number. 

The phone calls originated from phone number (239) 314-6919 and from a landline phone, (239) 542-6839. A search via Law Enforcement Databases show the first number (239) 314-6919 is registered to Ryan Doyon and the second number, (239) 542-6839 is registered to 1914 Cornwallis Pkwy where Doyon resides.

Doyon has been known to have access to multiple firearms in the past and is a firearm enthusiast.

Based on the above investigation, that Doyon willfully, maliciously and repeatedly continued to call, text and leave voicemails on the Cape Coral Police Department employee’s cellphone, in conjunction with Doyon’s propensity for violence, which have caused the employee substantial emotional distress and a grave concern for his and his family’s safety and well-being, Detective Kortright found probable cause to charge Doyon with Stalking, a First Degree Misdemeanor. 

On March 12, 2019 around 9:08 PM, Cape Coral Police and the U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force responded to 1914 Cornwallis Pkwy and took Doyon into custody based upon the probable cause of Detective Kortright, for stalking.

Doyon was later transferred to Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED: Ryan Robert Doyon, W/M, DOB: 12/18/1989,

1914 Cornwallis Pkwy

CHARGES: Stalking


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