(April 4, 2019)- On April 2, 2019 around 12:45 pm, School Resource Officer B. Bearman at Ida Baker High School met with a juvenile victim of a robbery that had just occurred at 3500 Aqualinda Blvd. 

According to the victim, he brought a substantial amount of cash in his wallet to school with the intention of buying a car after school was over for the day.  While in his last class of the day, the victim took his wallet out of his back pocket to put it in his backpack.  The victim began arranging the money in his wallet and a classmate of his, Jovanny Jesus Perez (W/M, DOB: 12/29/2002, 1400 SW 31st Ter), snatched all the money from his hand and made a comment that his property is “took”. The teacher and other students witnessed the robbery. The victim told Perez to give it back but Perez then ran out of class as the victim followed him to the restroom. Perez hid in a stall and the victim again told him to give the money back. Perez told him no and that if he “snitched” he was going to beat him up. Perez fled school and was unable to be located at the time of the report. Detective Maris Lebid from the Major Crimes Unit was assigned the case. On April 3, 2019 around 12:15 pm, Perez was located at his residence by officers and taken into custody.

Also on April 3, 2019, the School Resource Officer at Ida Baker High School was made aware of a student, Andrew Blake Friedel (W/M, DOB: 01/19/2004, 531 Archer Pkwy), that committed a battery against the victim of the robbery the day before.

The victim stated that he was walking out of class to use the restroom when he ran into Friedel. Friedel pointed at the victim and said "Since you got my friend locked up you got smoke with me now" and then proceeded to hit the victim in the face twice. 

The incident was broken up by a teacher and she followed Friedel back to class. Once back in class Friedel was highly upset, cursed at the teacher and pushed her.

Perez was charged with Robbery by Sudden Snatching and Grand Theft.

Friedel was charged with Retaliating Against a Victim and Battery on a School Employee.

Both were later transferred to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Jovanny Perez.jpg

ARRESTED: Jovanny Jesus Perez, W/M, DOB: 12/29/2002,

1400 SW 31st Ter

CHARGES: Robbery by Sudden Snatching and Grand Theft

Andrew Friedel.jpg

ARRESTED: Andrew Blake Friedel, W/M, DOB: 01/19/2004,

531 Archer Pkwy

CHARGES: Battery on an Education Employee and Retaliation Against Witness


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