The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for May 2019 will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers. This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

The  Guest Speaker for the ceremony is Joe Coviello; City of Cape Coral Mayor.

Eight Cape Coral students will be recognized:

Sarah Cabrera         12th Grade                North Ft. Myers HS                        

Sarah has been doing something special on her birthday since she was 12 years-old, collecting food for those who need it.  Over the last six birthday parties Sarah has collected more than 4,000 pounds of food.  This year for her 18thbirthday in June, she has set a lofty goal of collecting 18,000 pounds of food for the Harry Chapin Food Bank.   There are approximately 20 drop off locations, one of which is the Cape Coral Police Department.  


Ida Johansson         8th Grade                  Gulf Middle                          

Ida was escorting a fellow student to the clinic when the student suffered a severe seizure.  Ida helped guide the student to the floor without injury.  Ida immediately summoned help from the nearest class and then returned to her classmate’s side to give her comfort until help arrived. 


Sophia Lamping      6th Grade                  Gulf Middle              

Since this school year began, 6thgrader Sophia has helped kindergarten students learn to read.  Two students, in particular, have benefitted tremendously from her one-on-one tutoring. Her presence, her love and her passion for helping at a young age, not to mention her dedication, are amazing traits. 


Shawn Goldberg     8th Grade                  Mariner Middle                  

Recently, Island Coast High School hosted a Regional Middle School Track Meet, during which several competitors from various teams competed against one another in a series of Track and Field events.  During one of the qualifying 100-meter races, Shawn and a fellow competitor were running near each other when the other competitor suddenly suffered an unknown medical event and abruptly fell to the ground.  Upon seeing his peer collapse, Jack immediately abandoned his position in his lane and began to render aid to the student, thus forfeiting an opportunity to otherwise qualify for a chance to compete in future races. Jack acted quickly, selflessly, and instinctively to aid a fellow competitor, and his actions are testimony of the full scope of his character.


Jackson Downey     Kindergartener       Trafalgar Elementary        

Ian De Abreu           1st Grade                   Trafalgar Elementary        

Kindergartener, Jackson and first grader Ian help anyone who needs it.  During special area classes, they consistently partner with students with special needs.  Their kindness ranges from holding a pencil during art, running bases at PE, taking students down to the nurse’s office to receive their medication or just giving a friendly hug when needed.  This partnership has resulted in genuine friendship and a strong bond between the students.  Their leadership has inspired other students to take that role in their absence.


Jayaina Patton         7th Grade                  Trafalgar Middle                 

Jayaina has worked very hard with her father to develop an app that makes it easier for children to send letters and communicate with their parents who are incarcerated.  She is working to teach these children to download the app and type the letter on their phone.  Once the letter is typed and they send it, volunteer staff print the letter, and even pictures, and mail it to the incarcerated parent.  Postage and preparation of the letter are all free to the children.  


Laurana Gonzalez   8th Grade                  Diplomat Middle                

Eighth grader Laurana goes above and beyond the expectations as a student and as a community member.  She has been seeking assistance from local stores to support different needs.  Laurana wrote a letter to a local Target store requesting donations for different causes she wanted to support.  She received $200.00 to support the Gulf Coast Humane Society.  She also asked for gift cards that were given to eight families in her school that were financially in need.   Laurana has also received money to help celebrate teachers and staff around Diplomat Middle School.


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