The Cape Coral Police Major Crash Investigators have concluded the arduous hit-and-run traffic homicide investigation that killed an 8-year-old girl.

On March 25, 2019, around 6:16 am, a red 2012 Dodge Ram pickup truck, bearing Florida temporary registration CKF7993, was being driven by Logan Tyler Hetherington (W/M, DOB: 06/24/1999, of 537 SE 35th ST) was traveling south on NE 3rd Avenue approaching the intersection with NE 19th Terrace. Eight-year-old Layla Aiken was seated with her back toward the roadway in the dirt and grass, off the roadway surface, on the northeast corner of that intersection near a stop sign and street light pole waiting for the arrival of her school bus. Layla’s brother’s were also at the intersection with her. The street light illumination on the northeast corner where Layla was seated was such that Layla would have been clearly visible to an alert and careful driver as they drove south along NE 3rd Avenue from the bridge. One brother was standing near Layla, also in the grass, on the northeast corner of the intersection. The other brother was walking around in the roadway on NE 3rd Avenue immediately south of the intersection and would have been clearly visible in the headlights of the Dodge Ram pickup truck. As the truck neared NE 19th Terrace, Logan Hetherington turned sharply to the left (east), cutting across the northeast corner of the intersection outside of his lane of travel and entered the westbound lane traveling eastbound. As the Dodge Ram pickup truck traversed the northeast corner of the intersection, it’s left side tires left the roadway and traveled onto the grass and dirt shoulder toward Layla Aiken. 

Layla was struck by the Dodge pickup truck that Hetherington was driving but continued without stopping, traveling east along NE 19th Terrace. 

The Dodge was located at a business, ABC Supply Co Inc, and was seized as evidence. After a search warrant was executed illicit items were located; 2.7 grams of raw cannabis, a marijuana grinder, and a marijuana scale were located in a storage compartment within the pickup truck.

Several other in-depth investigative techniques were utilized before a warrant request was filed with the State Attorney’s Office; such as, DNA testing, search warrants on electronic devices, witness interviews, and surveillance footage review. Several video surveillance cameras assisted with the investigation.

Based on the totality of the investigation, probable cause was developed on Hetherington with four charges:

  1. Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Crash with a Fatality

  2. Vehicular Homicide

  3.  Possession of Cannabis Under 20 Grams

  4. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

In addition to the above listed criminal charges, probable cause has also been established that Logan Hetherington was driving his own vehicle at the time of the traffic crash with a window tint with a light transmittance of less than 28% as allowed by Florida State Statute 316.2953. and that Logan Hetherington failed to report an accident involving death in violation of Florida State Statute 316.065.

The original News Releases can be found here: March 25, March 25 #2, March 26.

We have worked with the State Attorney’s Office throughout this investigation to submit a thorough and complete warrant request with the goal of a successful prosecution.

“As a reminder, please take precaution and obey all traffic laws.  This was a very tragic incident.  Our children are out there at bus stops, walking to and from school.  Please stay alert when driving on our streets.  

Any violator of our traffic laws, especially Hit and Run, will not be tolerated. We will do everything within the legal guidelines to find you and arrest you.” ~ Chief David Newlan


ARRESTED: Logan Tyler Hetherington, W/M, DOB: 06/24/1999, 537 SE 35th ST

CHARGES: Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Crash with a Fatality, Vehicular Homicide, Possession of Cannabis Under 20 Grams, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


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