On May 26, 2019 around 3:48 am, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service on Surfside Blvd in reference to a vehicle burglary in progress. 

The victim reported that they saw, through a home security camera system, a male in a light-colored hooded sweatshirt, attempting the door handle on a vehicle parked in his driveway. The victim stated that a second male was also seen around this time. 

Officer Zarrillo arrived on scene and saw a white Chevrolet four door vehicle sitting at an intersection on Surfside Boulevard. Officer Zarrillo advised that he could see at least three occupants inside of the vehicle. The person in the rear of the vehicle appeared to have on a sweatshirt or some bulky top. The vehicle sat at the intersection, even though it was clear for the vehicle to turn. Eventually the vehicle turned southbound in front of his patrol car and Officer Zarrillo conducted an investigatory stop on the vehicle.

Upon conducting the traffic stop, the vehicle immediately slammed on its brakes and came to an abrupt stop. Officer Zarrillo noticed that the rear seat passenger, Walter L. Hutchins (B/M, DOB: 07/02/2000, 2726 Lemon Court, Fort Myers) was wearing a light grey sweatshirt which matched the video description, and was extremely sweaty.  Hutchins appeared to have just gotten done running, as he was breathing heavy. The front seat passenger, Halsey D. Watkins (B/M, DOB: 11/12/1996, 1517 Gardenia Ave, Fort Myers) was also breathing heavy, and had a light coat of sweat on his arms. On the rear passenger seat, there was also a red hooded sweatshirt. During this time, Halsey kept reaching down by his feet.  

Detective Daniel Costa of the Property Crimes Unit responded to the scene to assist with the vehicle burglary investigation.

Underneath the front passenger seat, where Watkins was sitting, Officers located a female’s wallet and two cell phones.  Officers later determined that this purse belonged to a second victim. About a hundred dollars was located and a Citizen silver watch was also located inside of the vehicle center console.  

While on scene, Officers made contact with the second victim who stated that the wallet located belonged to her and was stolen out of her unlocked vehicle. 

The first victim was out of town at the time of the incident but notified law enforcement when he received an alert from his surveillance camera.

Based upon the investigation, it was determined that Watkins and Hutchins committed vehicle burglaries and were arrested.

Watkins was charged with Burglary to a Vehicle and Petit Theft.

Hutchins was charged with 2-counts of Burglary to a Vehicle and Petit Theft.

Both were later transferred to the Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED: Halsey D. Watkins, B/M, DOB: 11/12/1996,

1517 Gardenia Ave, Fort Myers

CHARGES: Burglary to a Vehicle and Petit Theft

ARRESTED: Walter L. Hutchins, B/M, DOB: 07/02/2000,

2726 Lemon Court, Fort Myers

CHARGES: 2-counts of Burglary to a Vehicle and Petit Theft


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