Traffic Tuesday! For this Traffic Tuesday we will be focusing on love bug season and how it can effect driving.

If you drive then you may have noticed that it’s love bug mating season. Who are we kidding, of course you’ve noticed! If you have traveled through one of these mating swarms your car most definitely shows the signs that there is a desperate need to clean it ASAP. Some of the main issues for you as a driver that these love bugs will cause are:

Windshield. They will literally cover your view in dead love bug remains limiting visibility. This can of course be very dangerous. Don’t drive if you don’t have good visibility!

Headlights. Another issue is covering of the headlights with these dead bugs. Less light out means you and others will not be able to see you as well.

Sensors. With todays technology another issue arises, sensors and cameras. Lane Departure sensors, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, forward facing cameras, and early warning systems like Pre-collision braking can be compromised due to the large amount of dead love bugs covering them up. The sensor needs time to recognize an object or potential obstacle. With the sensor jeopardized, it will not function correctly either giving false warnings or none at all.

Airflow. In extreme cases, there can be enough love bugs that you drive through that can coat the grill of your car causing it to not get as much airflow as needed. This can cause your car to overheat.

Paint. Not related to driving but to keep your paint intact, it's important to wash the dead love bugs off your vehicle’s exterior as soon as possible. Those little pesky creatures bake in the hot sun and become acidic which may damage the paint.

Stop when you can to get the remains of the bugs off your windshield and car for safety!

The below photos were sent in to us to show the immense issue these bugs can cause on the windshield.

Traffic Crash weekly summary:

Monday April 29 through Sunday May 5, 2019, there were 92 traffic crashes worked by the Cape Coral Police Department.

REMINDER: If you have traffic concerns, you can submit them here: Your concern will be routed directly to the Traffic Unit for follow-up. Please be as detailed as possible to include things like days of week, times you are seeing the issue, or specific cars (if it is a particular vehicle with which you are having an issue).


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