On May 4, 2019 around 6:14 am, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service at 1200-block of SE 21st Street in reference to a disturbance in progress with an unconscious male.  

Upon officer arrival the victim was observed standing in front of the residence with a large amount of blood on his face, body, and arms. His left eye had sustained a major contusion and was swollen nearly closed. 

The officers immediately began their investigation where it was found that the the victim’s live-in girlfriend has had her brother (Michael Lee Capobianco, W/M, DOB: 03/21/1979) stay with them since he was kicked out of his parents house. The girlfriend’s parents were out of town and was having the victim go to their house to feed the dog.

Upon arrival at the residence, the victim used the key he has for the residence and unlocked the front door to go in and feed the dog. Once he got inside he found Capobianco already inside so he confronted him at the front door. The victim informed Capobianco that he is not allowed at the residence and had to leave.  Capobianco then attacked the victim hitting him numerous times in the head and about his body with a closed fist.  Capobianco then placed the victim in a choke hold and applied pressure to the point it caused the victim to loss consciousness. The victim was then kicked in the face and head several times.

At the conclusion of the investigation there was probable cause to arrest Capobianco for Aggravated Battery.   

Capobianco did committed Aggravated Battery when he actually and intentionally struck the victim against his will and intentionally caused bodily harm resulting in great bodily harm, permanent disability or permanent disfigurement. 

 Capobianco was later transferred to Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED: Michael Lee Capobianco, W/M, DOB: 03/21/1979

CHARGES: Aggravated Battery


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