Traffic Tuesday! For this Traffic Tuesday we will be focusing on watching for motorcycles on our roadways.

Motorcycle and moped drivers have the same rights and duties as drivers of motor vehicles.

Tips for Motorists

  • Never attempt to share the lane with a motorcycle. The motorcyclist is entitled to the entire lane.

  • Watch for motorcycles and look carefully before pulling into an intersection or changing lanes.

  • It is difficult to gauge the speed of a motorcycle; they may appear to be much farther away than they really are.

  • Do not follow too closely behind a motorcycle; motorcycles have the ability to stop more quickly than other vehicles.

  • Motorcyclists often slow down by down-shifting or rolling off the throttle, thus not activating the brake light.

  • Never pass a motorcyclist with only a few feet of space. The force of the wind gust can cause the rider to lose control.

  • When being passed by a motorcycle, maintain your lane position and do not increase your speed.

  • Maintain a four-second buffer zone between you and a motorcyclist, and increase space when encountering inclement weather, gusty winds, wet or icy roads, bad road conditions and railroad crossings.

Traffic Crash weekly summary:

Monday May 6 through Sunday May 12, 2019, there were 91 traffic crashes worked by the Cape Coral Police Department.

REMINDER: If you have traffic concerns, you can submit them here: Your concern will be routed directly to the Traffic Unit for follow-up. Please be as detailed as possible to include things like days of week, times you are seeing the issue, or specific cars (if it is a particular vehicle with which you are having an issue).



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