Chief David Newlan introduced the ‘Citizen Commendable Action Coin’ wanting to recognize citizens that go above and beyond. The recipient is presented with the coin along with a card explaining the following:

Thank You For Your Commendable Action. On behalf of the Cape Coral Police Department, please accept this Challenge Coin in appreciation of your positive actions that make this community GREAT!

The Citizen Commendable Action Challenge Coin is given by an Officer of the Cape Coral Police Department to a civilian that performs an extraordinary act(s) or in the recognition of exemplary behavior.

On April 26, 2019, Jodi Walborn taught pedestrian and bicycle training for over 375 students at Gulf Middle School. Officer Salecki was very impressed with the presentation. During the presentation, Jodi shared personal experiences as well. Jodi has dedicated her life and career to educating students about pedestrian and bicycle safety. Jodi assisted in the 2019 Cape Coral Police Bike Challenge at Trafalgar Middle School. Jodi has spoken at the following Cape Coral Schools: Caloosa Middle School, Challenger Middle School, Gulf Middle School, Gulf Elementary School, Hector Cafferata Elementary School and Pelican Elementary School. Jodi has also trained students throughout Lee County. Jodi has trained students in twenty eight different elementary Schools, seven middle schools, and one high school. Jodi has trained 21,690 students in total.

Officer Salecki gave Jodi Walborn a Citizen Commendable Action Coin due to her dedication to the children of Lee County Schools.

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