Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office oversees the public information efforts of the Cape Coral Police Department. The Public Affairs Office is responsible for monitoring and publishing on the Department’s website and social media platforms. The Public Affairs Office engages media and social media platforms to communicate timely and accurate information to the community.

The Public Affairs Office is the primary point of contact for news media, organizations, and the general public seeking information about Cape Coral Police Department. 


Master Sergeant Allan Kolak

Master Sergeant Allan Kolak is a 22-year veteran of law enforcement, assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police. He serves as a Public Affairs Officer for the Cape Coral Police Department and oversee the Public Affairs Office and the Planning and Research Unit. 

Master Sergeant Kolak has previously served as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, DUI Officer, and Traffic Homicide Investigator. He has also served as a supervisor in the Patrol Bureau over district officers and Field Training Officers. Sergeant Kolak has served in the Professional Standards Bureau supervising the Personnel Unit, Accreditation, Internal Affairs, Training Unit and in the Special Operations Bureau as a supervisor in charge of the DUI Unit, Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), Traffic Homicide Investigators, and the K-9 unit. He is an instructor for the Cape Coral Police Department in several different topic areas and holds several certifications such as Drug Recognition Expert Instructor. Sergeant Kolak is the State of Florida Region 2 DRE Coordinator and a Force Science analyst. 

Sergeant Kolak holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California Coast University. He currently is a member of  MADD Southwest Florida board and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.


Master Corporal Philip Mullen

Master Corporal Philip Mullen is an eleven year law enforcement veteran assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police and serves as Assistant Public Affairs Officer for the Cape Coral Police Department.

For 9 years Master Corporal Mullen served as a Patrol Officer in our Patrol Bureau, and as a Field Training Officer, preparing new recruits for the rigors of police work for 5 years. He also served on the Cape Coral Police Department’s Honor Guard and has represented the Cape Coral Police Department across the United States.  He is a recipient of two Lifesaving Awards and the department's highest honor, the Medal of Honor. Phil holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Administration from Edison State College.