How does Ring Neighbors work with law enforcement? How much access does law enforcement have to my Ring device? If any? 

Neighbors users can choose whether to share their Ring videos publicly and with law enforcement in the app. Law enforcement can view the publicly available content in the Neighbors app and request content from Neighbors (through Ring) in a certain area where an incident may have occurred.

What is the benefit?

The Neighbors app lets you easily share and communicate with your neighbors and local law enforcement about crime and safety so you have real-time, local crime data at your fingertips. It enables users to stay on top of crime and safety alerts as they happen.

Is law enforcement able to access user data or cameras through Neighbors?

Law enforcement can only see posts that users share publicly; they do not have access to users’ devices, video, or data.

Neighbors enables the Cape Coral Police Department to:

  • Share important crime and safety updates with local communities in real-time. 
  • Request information about local crime and safety situations from Neighbors who opt-in to sharing for a particular request.
  • Work together with the local community to build trust and make neighborhoods safer. 

Why is law enforcement's participation on the app useful?

Does the Neighbors app collaborate with other apps like Facebook and NextDoor that get used by neighborhoods?

Yes, Neighbors posts are shareable with other major social networks. We encourage users to share crime posts to build awareness of local incidents and help identify criminals acting in the area.

Can only Ring videos be shared on Neighbors?

No. All videos, images, and text can be uploaded and posted to Neighbors. Videos from all cameras can be uploaded.

Can you give an example of how Neighbors has prevented or helped catch a criminal?

View Neighbors Case Studies at this link:  Neighbors Case Studies

Brandi Alexander, a Ring Neighbor in Anchorage, Alaska, said: “Neighbors enabled me to share the video of a package being stolen from my house with people in my area to advise them of criminal activity and hopefully prevent further thefts. A screenshot from the Ring footage was given to local law enforcement and after arresting the suspect for a separate crime, they recognized him and were able to tie him to the package theft. Without Neighbors, the video would not have reached as many people as it did, and certainly not as quickly as it did. The suspect was caught within one week of the theft and without the video, my theft case may have never been solved.”